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Drinking Water

Bluzone - Packaged drinking water
is a product of Mountain Blue Water Ltd. The unit is located in Greater Noida. The unit is duly certified for IS 14543:2004.

For details log on towww.bis.org .

Purification Process                                                                                                                                               Detail | Diagram
  1. The water is being drawn from bore wells that are about 200ft deep and protected, the same is tested hydro-geologically, so as to make the quality of water high.
  2. Raw water is then passed to chlorination tank which ensures removal of any contamination causing pathogenic microbial matter like bacteria, fungus, algae & protozoa etc.
  3. From chlorination tank the water passes to pressure sand filter. In PSF sand beds are provided in layers which remove sand particles, sediments, and other filterable heavy material. Thus now the water is free from dust, sand & sediments coming from deep earth.
  4. From PSF water passes to activated carbon filter. The Activated Carbon Filter removes organic impurities which impart color and particular odour including some taste to water. ACF also removes any free residual chlorine, dozed previously to demolish microbes.
  5. RO » It gives away max of dissolved solids & total of biological matter to the other side of semi permeable membrane. Permeate is free from biological matter.
    • Micron filler » Prevents the smallest particle from entering water.
    • Ozonation » An antibacterial process at a broad spectrum. It safeguards the permeate water from any sort of bacterial infection.
  6. UV Sterilizer » Kills micro - organisms likes fungi, bacteria, protozoa.
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